Somerset businesses 'getting a kicking from bad broadband' header image

Published: 17th Apr 2014

Businesses in Somerset are struggling due to a lack of connectivity. 

This is according to Rupert Cox, chief executive officer of Somerset Chamber of Commerce, who told Western Daily Press companies in the area are "getting a right kicking" due to the lack of fast and reliable internet access.

Mr Cox was speaking in response to comments from communications minister Ed Vaizey who has urged residents and business owners in the region to learn about the benefits of faster broadband by visiting workshops.

"They can talk about getting up to speed with workshops but without better connectivity there is no point," he stated.

Mr Cox called for the Connecting Devon and Somerset programme, which aims to bring super-fast broadband to the region, to be accelerated. 

He also claimed 80 per cent of the data exchanges in Somerset do not know when and if they stand to be upgraded.