Teeside resident 'frustrated' by lack of broadband header image

Published: 20th Jun 2011

A woman from County Durham has spoken of the poor ADSL provision and lack of internet service she experiences.

Discussing the matter with the BBC, Mary Collard explained she used to have an unreliable dial-up connection.

However, this has now failed and despite many visits from engineers, she is unable to access a quality broadband service.

Ms Collard said she cannot to do many of the things people who have internet access take for granted, such as shopping, paying bills and purchasing tickets.

"Everyone increasingly expects you to do things online these days and just can't understand it when you can't. I think it's a basic human right to be able to access the internet," she continued.

Although Ms Collard lives in a rural part of the county, it is just seven miles from the nearest town.

One part of the UK that is benefitting from better broadband is Rhiwlas, a remote village in Snowdonia.

Broadband Watcher recently reported that cash from the Welsh Assembly Government has been used to boost internet connections in the area.