UK has 13th fastest broadband in the world header image

Published: 28th Apr 2014

The UK's broadband is the 13th fastest in the world, new research has revealed.

Akamai's latest State of the Internet report shows the country's average download speed was 9.4 Mbps in the final quarter of last year. This represents a slight increase on the 9.1 Mbps reported in the third quarter of 2013 and has seen the UK move up once place from 14th in the global rankings.

This places the country ninth when compared against other European nations. Holland has the fastest connections on the continent, with an average speed of 12.1 Mbps. Ireland came in fifth, and ninth globally, with a typical service reaching 10.4 Mbps. 

South Korea has the world's fastest broadband at 21.9 Mbps, Japan comes in second, but is some way behind with an average of 12.8 Mbps. Other nations that appear in the global top ten are Hong Kong, Switzerland, the Czech Republic, Sweden, Latvia and the US. 

In terms of peak connection speeds, the UK reached a high of 43.5 Mbps. This puts it fifth in Europe, where Israel leads the way with 56.4 Mbps. On a global level, Hong Kong has the highest peak connection, with top speeds of 68.0 Mbps being recorded. South Korea was ranked second at 64.4 Mbps.

Akamai revealed 30 per cent of connections in the UK reach speeds of ten Mbps or above, which is the sixth highest figure in Europe and 11th highest in the world. South Korea once again leads the way with 71 per cent of its services above this threshold. Japan comes in second with 47 per cent. 

The State of the Internet Report revealed 21 per cent of connections in the UK only reach speeds of four Mbps or less. South Korea, Switzerland and the Netherlands are the leaders in this regard, with figures of just six per cent, nine per cent and 13 per cent respectively.