Paisley blasts Rathlin broadband header image

Published: 22nd Nov 2012

North Antrim MP Ian Paisley Jr has criticised the state of broadband provision on Rathlin Island, describing the situation facing residents there as "absolutely abominable".

The isolated island should not be forgotten about when it comes to rolling out broadband across Northern Ireland, claimed the MP.

Mr Paisley added that one reason the area needs "reliable broadband [is] so that people who require medical scripts can get them quickly," reports the Ballymoney Times.

Speaking in Westminster, secretary of state for environment, food and rural affairs Owen Paterson assured the Northern Irish politician that the case for broadband on Rathlin is being thoroughly assessed.

One solution for residents could be to use Tooway 8, as its satellite service is especially useful in rural or isolated areas.

The Ulster Farmers' Union recently indicated that satellite broadband could be extremely useful to people in the Northern Irish countryside faced with poor internet connections.

Posted by Justin McKenzie