Suffolk residents 'blighted by bad broadband' header image

Published: 3rd Mar 2014

People living in Suffolk have been suffering due to the lack of reliable broadband access. 

This is according to David Ruffley, MP for Bury St Edmunds, who believes this has been a major problem for the county. 

"Their [residents'] lives are being blighted not just because they want normal household use of broadband, but also because businesses there are being crippled," he stated.

It has recently been announced a further £4.82 million in state funding will be provided to bring super-fast broadband to Suffolk. 

This will be part of the Better Broadband for Suffolk project, which aims to provide high-speed connections for 95 per cent of the county.

However, the remainder will only be guaranteed minimum speeds of two Mbps - well below the level considered super-fast. 

If you fall into this final five per cent or cannot wait until 2017 for an improved connection, contact Avonline today.