Brits spend more time online than watching TV header image

Published: 19th Mar 2014

The importance of broadband to everyday life has been demonstrated by a new survey. 

According to eMarketer, the average person will spend over 8.5 hours consuming media on a daily basis in 2014. 

Some three hours and 41 minutes of this time will be spent on the internet, be it through a computer, tablet or mobile phone. 

This means the web is set to overtake television in terms of popularity, with the average Briton expected to devote three hours and 15 minutes to this medium each day. 

eMarketer said the growth of online activity will be driven by mobile devices, with the amount of time people spend on the internet using a tablet or smartphone growing rapidly. 

It forecasts the average person will spend 59 minutes online through their phone this year, while the figure will be 44 minutes for tablets. 

The typical Briton is expected to devote one hour and 52 minutes to accessing the web via a desktop or laptop computer each day.