Norfolk villagers 'deserve faster broadband' header image

Published: 21st Mar 2014

A parish councillor has called for broadband services to be improved in a number of Norfolk villages. 

Southrepps parish councillor Ben Woodcock has started a petition to bring a better level of connectivity to the village as well as neighbouring Antingham and Thorpe Market, reports. 

"All homes in the area deserve faster broadband. Faster broadband is now deemed to be as important as other utilities such as electricity and gas," he stated.

Mr Woodcock has started the petition due to the fact some residents of the villages are worried they will miss out on the rollout of super-fast broadband in the area. More than 100 properties in Antingham are expected to only receive a maximum speed of 15 Mbps due to their distance from the closest data cabinet.

He claimed many people are currently using connections with download speeds of just two to three Mbps and upload speeds of next to zero. 

"Parishioners feel they've already paid for the broadband rollout, and now they want the service," the parish councillor added.

Should people living in the Norfolk villages miss out on an improved service they could benefit by switching to an alternative means of internet access like satellite broadband.

The subject of better connectivity has also been discussed in Manchester this week. MP for Urmston and Stretford Kate Green has called on the government to ensure super-fast connections are available for businesses in Trafford Park by 2016.

Speaking to Messenger Newspapers, the politician said she wants to ensure improved services are delivered on time so companies in the area are not left behind and has received a promise from Ed Vaizey - the minister for culture, communications and creative industries - that the project will be completed on schedule. 

"I’ll be watching the minister carefully to make sure he keeps his word," Ms Green stated.