Remote broadband fund open for bids header image

Published: 25th Mar 2014

The government's fund to bring faster broadband to the UK's most remote communities is open for bids. 

Some £10 million has been made available by the coalition and internet service providers and communities now have a chance to apply in three categories. 

One of these is using alternative technologies, such as satellite broadband, to improve connectivity in hard-to-reach areas. 

Satellite is ideally suited to this task as it can provide fast and reliable speeds without the need for the time consuming and expensive infrastructural work associated with other forms of broadband. 

The other categories under which bids can be placed are developing new operating models and creating new financial approaches to funding broadband networks. 

Rural affairs minister Dan Rogerson said: "Fast and reliable broadband coverage is crucial in building a stronger economy and fairer society for farmers and all rural businesses to be able to compete and grow."