BT network change 'could disconnect businesses' header image

Published: 6th Feb 2014

BT's decision to turn off one of its old networks at the end of March could leave a number of businesses across the country disconnected. 

This is according to Timico, which believes a number of companies may be caught unaware when the BT 20CN network is switched off. 

The network, which has been used to provide standard copper-based broadband and speeds of up to eight Mbps, is being replaced with the organisation's super-fast 21st Century Next Generation Network (21CN).

Businesses who fail to switch networks before the end of March will first see a £4 increase in their monthly bill before 20CN is shut down completely in September. 

Tony Tugulu, director of managed networks at Timico, stated: "This switch-off will have catastrophic consequences for businesses who are unprepared for the migration to 21CN."

He urged companies to check which network they are using at present to ensure they are not caught unawares by this change.

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