Film star hits out at slow rural broadband header image

Published: 11th Feb 2014

A UK film star has spoken out about the poor quality of broadband services in the British countryside. 

Elizabeth Hurley, who is also well known for modelling work, took to Twitter to express her frustration with rural connections yesterday (February 10th).

"The joys of the English countryside are many, but broadband speed is not one of them. Grrr. Who else has slow &/or intermittent internet?" she tweeted cap down I reckon. 

Hurley's comments are proof that even the rich and famous can struggle for a fast and reliable broadband connection in rural areas. 

Satellite broadband is one way to solve this problem as it is available now and can provide high speeds anywhere in the country regardless of location.

Hurley, who has close to half a million followers on Twitter and has appeared in films such as Austin Powers and Bedazzled, was recently in the headlines as it was falsely alleged she had an affair with former US president Bill Clinton.