Ireland 'doesn't need broadband universal service obligation' header image

Published: 13th Feb 2014

The head of Ireland's telecommunications regulator has suggested the country does not need to introduce a universal service obligation (USO) for broadband. 

A USO is currently in place for landline phone services, which means telephone poles and lines are guaranteed throughout the country even in the most remote areas. 

However, Comreg chairman Kevin O'Brien believes such as measure is not necessary when it comes to broadband.

Speaking to the Irish Independent, he said current developments mean the introduction of a USO is not needed, even though it could be claimed reliable internet access is now more important to homes and businesses than phone lines.

Mr Comreg said broadband coverage in Ireland already stands at around two-thirds and the government is working to ensure basic services are available across the country.

"We thought it would be creating an unnecessary burden to repeat all of that in the name of universal services," he told the newspaper.

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