BBC provides extensive Winter Olympics online coverage header image

Published: 14th Feb 2014

Fans of the Winter Olympics are taking advantage of extensive online coverage of the games from the BBC. 

The broadcaster is currently providing the "most complete digital coverage of the event to date" across a variety of platforms. 

It is providing six live HD streams of the games, which will deliver a total of 650 hours of live action. Users are able to move between these streams and receive the best-available quality video depending on the device and internet connection they are using.

All of the BBC's coverage is available from the Winter Olympics live page on the BBC sport website and the organisation said this extensive level of coverage will be extended to other major events in the future.

In an official statement, the broadcaster commented: "This allows audiences to follow the action however and wherever they like - whether it's getting the latest news via their smartphone on the way to work, watching their favourite event on their office PC, using their tablet while watching the big screen to get the latest updates, or watching the live streams on their connected TV."

Coverage of the games is also available from the BBC Sport app, which has helped the broadcaster's sports content to receive a record level of online traffic in recent months.

The organisation said its sports content received 6.6 million unique views on New Year's day, which beats the previous non-Olympics record of 6.5 million set when Andy Murray won the Wimbledon final in 2013.

Its football coverage has also proved popular with online users, as some 1.9 million people tuned into the BBC's live-text and live scores services while the Boxing Day and New Year's Day fixtures were taking place.

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