Broadband outage affects Sussex village header image

Published: 21st Feb 2014

A Sussex village has been unable to use broadband for three weeks. 

Eighteen homes in Southwater have been left without connectivity after underground cables were damaged in construction work, the West Sussex County Times reports.

David Liverton, a local bed and breakfast owner, told the news provider he is likely to have missed out on a lot of custom as a result of the outage.

"If people try twice and get no response they'll go somewhere else. We don't know how many enquiries have gone elsewhere," he stated.

A spokesperson for BT said work to repair the damage is ongoing and connectivity should be restored by the end of this week.

Live in a rural area and need a reliable internet connection? Satellite broadband is the solution. 

This technology does not rely on underground cables, meaning it is unaffected by problems such as the one that has occurred in Southwater.