Limited support for North Cornwall broadband petition header image

Published: 3rd Jan 2014

Residents of a village in North Cornwall may benefit from switching to satellite broadband, as a petition to bring super-fast fibre optic services to the area has received limited support. 

The petition, which calls for the government and BT to extend their high-speed internet rollout to St Kew, was launched on December 16th, but has received only six signatures at the time of writing. 

It is backed by North Cornwall MP Dan Rogerson who has called for St Kew's connectivity to be improved. 

The politician said he wants "decent broadband" to be as widely available as possible in North Cornwall so rural residents and businesses are not "held back" due to their location. 

Local residents Alex and Bella Nicholas started the petition and said current broadband speeds in St Kew are "frustratingly slow".

"If our small but beautiful area is left outside the fibre footprint we will all be at a significant disadvantage to other more urban areas," Mr Nicholas stated.