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Published: 7th Jan 2014

The rollout of super-fast broadband services in Suffolk has been criticised by a county councillor. 

Stephen Burroghes, county councillor for Framlingham, told the East Anglian Daily Times he is disappointed the Better Broadband for Suffolk project will not provide a greater level of coverage across the country. 

The £11.8 million state-funded scheme, which is being carried out by BT, aims to bring super-fast connectivity to 85 per cent of Suffolk and Mr Burroghes said he is "slightly annoyed" more money will be needed if it is to be expanded to the rest of the region. He was speaking to the newspaper following a council meeting last week. 

"We need to tighten up on our procurement. There were some concerns that the contract did not go far enough and it could have all been tied up at the beginning, instead of having to go back to the government for more money," Mr Burroghes stated after the event. 

Meanwhile, county council vice-chairman Christopher Hudson said he is optimistic about the BB4S project, but the "proof will be in the pudding". 

"I understand that it has been rolled out across cities such as Liverpool but we're not yet seeing it all," he added.

A spokesperson for BT said the project is still in the early stages and claimed 10,000 more Suffolk households will have access to better broadband between now and the end of 2015.

The BB4S scheme is part of the government's Broadband Delivery UK programme and aims to bring super-fast speeds to 85 per cent of the county. A further five per cent will be given connections of around ten to 15 Mpbs. The final ten per cent will be guaranteed a minimum speed of two Mbps. 

While the project is good news for people included in the 85 per cent, the remainder may be better off looking for an alternative solution such as Tooway satellite broadband. This technology is perfect for the remote areas likely to be omitted from the BB4S scheme.