ASA bans Virgin Media ads header image

Published: 9th Jan 2014

Two Virgin Media adverts have been banned by the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) for making misleading claims about the company's broadband services. 

The company posted two circulars - one saying: "Over 80 per cent of your neighbourhood is connected" and the other stating: "We're in your neighbourhood and didn't want you to miss out".

However, the ASA received a complaint that said these claims were misleading and could not be substantiated.

The organisation decided to ban the first advert as it suggests 80 per cent of the chosen area has signed up to Virgin's service, when it actually means this amount of households have the potential to subscribe. 

Meanwhile, it has ordered the second must be withdrawn because it implies the reader's street can access the company's broadband, when in reality it only refers to the general local area.

The ASA has told Virgin neither promotion can appear in its current form again.