High-quality broadband 'vital for learning' header image

Published: 22nd Jun 2011

A quality satellite broadband connection could be an essential piece of technology if parents want their children to succeed.

Justin Brown, head of enterprise at Lincolnshire County Council, recently discussed the organisation's commitment to internet provision, This is Lincolnshire reports.

He stated that a quality broadband connection is essential for young people to download learning materials that aid their education.

Mr Brown also said it "isn't a luxury - it's vital to the growth of businesses, to the ability of local residents to access services".

He claimed that the council wants Lincolnshire to have "first-class broadband" and, as a result, it is preparing a bid for up to £20 million of government funding in an attempt to improve services.

According to director of Eclipse Internet Clodagh Murphy, businesses also require better broadband access as they are the "lifeblood" of the UK and will be unable to compete if they cannot use the internet.