South Yorkshire broadband scheme 'could be set for revamp' header image

Published: 14th Jan 2014

The government has revealed it is considering launching a new project to replace the failed South Yorkshire Digital Region broadband scheme.

Costing an estimated £155 million in taxpayers' money, the Digital Region initiative was abandoned in August. 

It only managed to achieve 80 per cent super-fast coverage in the region and had just 3,000 paying customers - well below the 108,000 required to break even, the Yorkshire Post reports. 

Officials at the Department for Culture, Media and Sport have told the newspaper they are now considering implementing a £10 million project to provide high-speed internet to 90 per cent of the South Yorkshire region. 

However, the four local councils who would be involved with the scheme have yet to comment on this development - only telling the news provider they are aware of the plans. 

South Yorkshire residents who cannot wait for the new project, or stand to fall in the final ten per cent not covered by it, should consider switching to satellite broadband.