Five rural residents who could benefit from satellite broadband header image

Published: 14th Jan 2014

Living in the countryside is a dream come true for many rural residents and they would never consider swapping country life for the bright lights of the city.

However, for all its advantages there are some drawbacks to living in a rural area. Take broadband for instance, the internet is increasingly important to modern life, but in many countryside communities it can be hard to find a fast and reliable connection. 

That no longer needs to be the case though, as satellite broadband technology is now capable of bringing the benefits of the web to even the most remote rural areas.

Here is a rundown of five residents of the countryside who could benefit from the reliable internet access satellite technology provides.

Think of the countryside and you automatically imagine farms. Yet while they are a key part of the rural community, farmers often struggle with some of the worst broadband in the country due to their isolated location.

Internet access is crucial for any modern business and farms are no exception. For example, the government is currently planning to digitise the process that allows farmers to apply for European funding and without reliable broadband access some individuals will be at risk of missing out.

Children and students 
The internet is an education goldmine and is playing an increasingly important role in the teaching of children with each passing year. From primary school to university, the web has become a vital learning tool and young people who are unable to make the most of it will be at a disadvantage to those who can.

Business owners
As mentioned above, the internet is crucial for any modern business and a reliable broadband connection can really transform the fortunes of rural companies. Retail businesses can take advantage of the booming e-commerce market, while all organisations will benefit from the communication opportunities the web provides.

With the economic climate still a challenging one for small and medium-sized companies, a good broadband connection can be the difference between success and failure.

Office workers 
There is a significant number of people who enjoy the best of both worlds by living in a rural area, while commuting into larger towns and cities for work. This is time-consuming and the cost of travelling into the office every day can burn a significant hole in any household's wallet. 

However, a fast and reliable broadband connection can make this less of an issue. In many jobs, it is now possible to work from home, as the internet means people are just as connected to their colleagues and resources as they would be in the office.

This can be done on a full or part-time basis and can allow individuals to truly enjoy the benefits of living in the country without sacrificing their city career.

The people listed above are specific examples of groups who could improve their lives by investing in satellite broadband. However, the truth is everyone living in the countryside can benefit from improving their connectivity one way or another. 

Whether it's buying clothes and food online, or keeping in touch with friends and relatives, there's no denying better broadband can take rural life to the next level.