The five things you need to know about satellite broadband  header image

Published: 29th Jan 2014

A few weeks ago you may well have heard the government's announcement regarding its plans to improve broadband in rural Britain. 

The coalition revealed it will be making a £10 million fund available to alternative technology providers to connect the final five per cent of hard-to-reach areas that will not be included in its own super-fast rollout.

It is hoped this move will bring improved connectivity to even the most remote parts of the country and one of the alternative technologies the government is looking towards is satellite broadband

Naturally, we know a thing or two about satellite broadband here at Avonline, but we're aware that not everyone does and some people may have heard about the technology in the government announcement but are unsure of what it is and how it works. 

For that reason, we've compiled a quick list of the five essential things you need to know about this service.

It's quick
Satellite technology has been highlighted by the government as it is able to reach connection speeds that far exceed those that are currently available in remote areas. It is capable of providing download speeds of up to 20 Mbps, which is more than enough for popular online activities such as streaming music and video, playing games, downloading files and even working from home. 

To put this into perspective, the most recent figures from Ofcom placed the average rural broadband speed in the UK at just seven Mbps, although this is likely to be much lower in the most remote locations.

It's easy 
The main reason rural areas struggle with slow broadband speeds is because technologies that are common in urban areas such as fibre optic cables require very time-consuming and expensive infrastructural work to function. You only have to look at the slow pace of the government's super-fast rollout - which is expected to take until 2017 in some areas - as evidence of this.

However, there are no such concerns when it comes to satellite broadband. All this technology requires to function is the installation of a small satellite dish linked up to a modem by a single wire and this process can be completed in a day.

It's affordable 
An important thing to know about satellite broadband is that you won't have to break the bank to get it. We have four different packages available, starting from just £24.95 a month, plus a one-off hardware activation fee. 

No matter what package you choose you'll still get fast and reliable speeds of up to 20 Mbps.

It's available anywhere
Because satellite broadband is so quick and easy to be installed it can function anywhere in the UK from a remote mountainside to the heart of a big city. This makes it ideal for connecting the final five per cent of hard-to-reach areas.

It's available now
Want to get connected with satellite broadband? Well you won't have to wait long, as the technology is available now and here at Avonline we get most of our customers online within two working weeks of them placing an order.