Tayside residents struggle with variable broadband header image

Published: 2nd Dec 2013

Some people living in Tayside may benefit from switching to satellite broadband as the quality of internet connections in the region varies considerably. 

While some households have a decent service, others can only receive speeds of just two or three Mbps, the Evening Telegraph reports.

David Osmond, who runs a business in Aberlemno, told the news provider: "I’ve heard a lot of people say it’s not good here. In some parts it’s brilliant, but in others it’s not happening."

He added his own service only reaches speeds of three Mbps, but can drop to half that when numerous households are online. 

Wendy Murray of Easthaven said connections reach just two Mbps in her area and this causes difficulties for local businesses.

She also claimed people are unhappy the village has missed out on receiving an improved service from BT and the government while other nearby areas have.

Ms Murray claimed it currently takes around two days to download a film using the slow broadband in Easthaven.