ASA bans BT broadband ad header image

Published: 4th Dec 2013

The Advertising Standards Agency (ASA) has banned a BT broadband advert after judging it to be misleading.

Sky complained to the authority about the press promotion, which claimed BT "offers better overall performance than Sky and TalkTalk".

The company also took issue with the fact the advert had the headline "official", suggesting BT's claim had been endorsed by Ofcom when this was not the case.

According to the ASA, the promotion could lead consumers to believe BT's download speeds are significantly faster than Sky's even though this is not true.

The organisation has ruled the advert must not appear in its current form again.

This is not the first time the ASA has banned a promotion by BT and other major providers, including Sky, have also had adverts taken down by the authority in recent months.

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