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Published: 10th Dec 2013

Christmas is just a few weeks away and for many people the internet will be playing a bigger part in the festive season than ever before. Here is a rundown of some of the reasons why the web is now an integral part of the festive season.

Christmas shopping used to be a real chore. Parents across the country would spend hours fighting their way through crowded shops and battling to get their hands on the latest must-have toy for their child. However, that no longer has to be case and it's all thanks to the internet.

The web has made shopping in general a much more pleasant experience and this is really highlighted during the Christmas period. Buying presents for loved ones online is quick, easy and convenient and takes the hard work out of gift hunting. It's not just presents you can get online as well, as all your ingredients for Christmas dinner can be ordered over the web and delivered to your home. 

Brits are certainly keen to take advantage of the opportunities provided by online retail, as the number of people who shop on the net is increasing year-on-year and Amazon reported sales of 4.1 million items on Monday December 2nd alone.

While the internet is ideal for buying presents, an increasing number of gifts will require a good broadband connection to function. Tablet computers and games consoles are likely to be high on the Christmas lists of many people across the UK and both of these rely heavily on the web. 

A wireless broadband connection is essential for using tablets, while web access is crucial to making the most of the new Xbox One and PlayStation 4. Indeed, it will be impossible to make full use of the features of these new consoles without a decent broadband connection.

Christmas is all about family, but if you can't all get together on the special day, the internet can provide the next best thing. Online phone services like Skype allow you to have video phone calls with loved ones anywhere in the world, while social media sites like Facebook are the ideal place to share photos of your presents.

Another key part of the Christmas experience is TV. There's always a host of special programmes aired over the festive period from the Queen's Speech to Doctor Who. 

A good broadband connection allows you to keep up with the Christmas TV schedule like never before. You can stream programmes online and catch-up services like BBC iPlayer mean you won't miss a single show.

The ideal gift
Of course, to make the most of the benefits of the web a fast and reliable broadband connection is required and this is something not everyone has access to. If you fall into that category, why not treat yourself this Christmas and upgrade to satellite broadband?