Broadband 'could give Berkshire £150m boost' header image

Published: 22nd Oct 2012

Bringing superfast broadband to Bracknell Forest will boost Berkshire's economy by roughly £150 million and allow businesses to expand their operation in the area, according to the council's chief executive.

Victor Nicholls, from Bracknell Forest Council, argued that supporting the spread of broadband to the area will ensure it is not left behind by its counterparts across the county.

To support his claim, he pointed to research showing that superfast broadband would create 2,300 employment opportunities in the area over the next five to seven years, reports BBC News.

"Fast broadband is hugely beneficial for businesses and makes the area attractive to commercial investors," he concluded.

Companies and households in the area have suffered from poor ADSL speeds for many years, and although 80 per cent of Berkshire is to be covered by 2015 some 37,000 homes are to be left out of the roll out.

The Superfastberkshire campaign has recently called for digital champions - volunteers to drum up support for broadband - to support its scheme.