New homes to miss out on Staffordshire broadband scheme header image

Published: 17th Dec 2013

The project to bring super-fast broadband to Staffordshire will only apply to existing properties. 

According to the Burton Mail, homes that are yet to be built will not be included in the scheme and may be left with slower connections than other households in the county. 

Ron Clarke of Staffordshire County Council told the news provider: "The county council has put millions into this, but I don't think people are aware that it's only for existing properties, not for new ones."

BT has also confirmed new properties will not be included in the £28 million scheme, which aims to bring super-fast connections to 97 per cent of Staffordshire.

While the majority of the county will be covered by the project, three per cent is still a significant number of people and these individuals should consider turning to alternative solutions such as satellite broadband.

This technology could also prove useful for residents living in newly built properties.