Ilminster resident unhappy at 'ugly' broadband boxes header image

Published: 23rd Dec 2013

A resident of Ilminster is worried that a number of broadband boxes are damaging the appearance of the Somerset town.

The boxes have been installed as part of the government and BT's project to improve internet access in the area, but have proved unpopular with local people, This is the West Country reports. 

Government regulations previously meant boxes could only be constructed with local authority approval, but that rule has now been changed. 

Ilminster local Peter Lansdown said he is unhappy with the impact the installations are having on the town's appearance. 

"It is an irritant and there are other boxes in town which in themselves are unimportant but they each contribute to the diminution of the aesthetic quality of the town," he stated.

In response to this complaint, BT said it has followed all due processes when installing the boxes and South Somerset District Council claimed they will remain painted black and will not feature any stickers or advertising.

Mr Lansdown is not the first person to be concerned about the aesthetic impact of broadband developments, as earlier this month people living in the Cornish town of Newlyn expressed their anger at the construction of a pole in front of a picturesque harbour.

Local residents claim they were not consulted or even informed of the decision to install the mast, The Cornishman reported.

Earlier in 2013, fears about the impact broadband developments would have on the UK's national parks and Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty were raised.

In June, the Friends of the Lake District group told the Daily Mail more than 32,000 masts and 150 cabinets could be installed in such areas after the government passed a new law that potentially makes it easier for companies to build in protected areas.

An alternative means of bringing faster broadband to the countryside is satellite broadband. This technology does nothing to damage the appearance of the environment as all it needs to function is a small satellite dish and modem.