Study shows students 'can't live without the internet' header image

Published: 14th Nov 2013

A new Microsoft study has revealed just how important students consider the internet to be.

In a survey of 2,800 young people in higher education, the company found a quarter of respondents would rather die aged 60 having had access to the web than live until 80 without it. 

Microsoft also asked what the students would do if given €400 (£335). More than a third (39 per cent) said they would spend it on an online device such as a new smartphone or tablet computer, which was the most popular response. A further five per cent claimed they would purchase a games console.

When asked what they do with their gadgets, 53 per cent of students said they enjoy travelling with their smartphone or tablet in hand. Over a third (39 per cent) like using the internet to find new music and bands, while 29 per cent often introduce new mobile apps to their friends. 

This survey demonstrates just how important the internet has become to students and is reflective of the huge part it plays in the lives of young people as a whole. 

As well as providing opportunities for entertainment and social interaction, the web is also an incredibly important educational tool. Indeed, the internet has now become so important that children without access to a good broadband connection are widely regarded as being at a disadvantage to those who do.

In July, Barry Dickson, the head of business and education systems for the States of Guernsey, told the BBC poor quality internet access was affecting education services on the island. 

"Teachers in local schools are reluctant to use the internet as a learning tool because of slow speeds. The island's ability to produce a workforce fit for the 21st century is being threatened as a result," he stated.

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