Skype 'can help Xbox win console war' header image

Published: 25th Nov 2013

The next generation of games consoles has reached Britain.

Microsoft's Xbox One was released on Friday (November 22nd) and the PlayStation 4 will be available at the end of this week (November 29th). 

The competition between these companies will be intense as they seek to gain a greater share of the gaming market, but one industry expert has claimed Microsoft's offering will have the edge. 

Todd Roshak, the lead program manager of Skype for Xbox, told techradar the console's use of the online phone software Skype will give it an advantage. 

Skype is built into every Xbox One and users will be able to make video phone calls through the gaming system. 

"I think it's [Skype] a key differentiator, absolutely," Mr Roshak stated. He added Xbox users will be able to call anyone who is added to their Skype favourites list by using the voice command "Xbox call" and then saying the person's name.

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