Slow broadband 'could hold pupils back' header image

Published: 25th Oct 2012

Children living in rural areas could be left at a disadvantage because of a lack of superfast broadband services, according to Nottingham County Council.

The executive warned that around 51,000 pupils in the area are having to deal with internet speeds of less than two Mbs a second, in comparison to considerably faster connections elsewhere in the county.

Councillor Keith Girling, chairman of Nottingham County Council's economic development committee, warned that slow browsing speeds and unreliable connections are having a tangible effect on the children's ability to do schoolwork, reports the Nottingham Post.

"Schools are moving towards online homework assignments and testing. It is simply not fair that those who live in rural areas get worse broadband than those who live in towns," he added.

Specialist providers such as Tooway Broadband can help rural areas access the internet using satellite services, ensuring they gain a more reliable connection.

According to the Carnegie Trust, rural areas without good broadband provision can become socially and economically isolated.

Posted by Justin McKenzie