Northumberland authority 'aims to improve rural broadband' header image

Published: 24th Jun 2011

Northumberland National Park Authority has urged the government to address the issue of the poor ADSL broadband services on offer in the area.

Research has revealed almost 3,000 homes and business premises cannot access basic high-speed internet and the body has called for an investigation into the problem, the Berwick Advertiser reports.

Evidence has been handed to a parliamentary committee investigating the possibility of using 4G mobile phone technology to provide broadband and Stuart Evans of the National Park Authority called on its members to "make some changes to policy" to ensure rural communities are taken into consideration.

Satellite broadband may be another option for rural residents who are currently unable to access broadband through ADSL or cable connections and Avanti, which launched the Hylas 1 satellite in 2010, recently said it can provide services to homes located in some of the UK's most remote locations.

It is working with the government to create new satellites that can be used by residents across the country, the firm added.