Councillors respond to Somerset and Devon broadband rollout critics header image

Published: 4th Oct 2013

Councillors have been forced to defend plans for the rollout of super-fast broadband in Somerset and Devon. 

The Connecting Somerset and Devon project aims to bring high speed connections to 90 per cent of the counties by 2016, but a map detailing where the improvements will take place has been criticised for a lack of clarity. 

Chris Head, director of the West of England Rural Network charity, told the BBC: "The map doesn't give any clue of what's going to be happening in rural communities."

He claimed much more detailed plans have been provided concerning the super-fast rollout in neighbouring Dorset. 

However, David Hall of Somerset County Council has defended the project.

Mr Hall said not enough information has been collected yet and claimed the local authority wants to avoid the "furore" that would be caused by promising an area improved connections only to then find out it is not possible.

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