Lincolnshire pledges rural broadband support header image

Published: 25th Oct 2012

Utilising tools such as satellite broadband is crucial to securing sustainable and strong economic growth in rural Lincolnshire, according to the Lincolnshire Local Enterprise Partnership.

Speaking at the organisation's first summit since it was formed in 2010, chairman Ursula Lidbetter stressed the importance of consistent and quick internet access to helping businesses expand, reports the East Lindsey Target.

"I think because we are in a part of the country that is less well known and perhaps ignored sometimes, we have become quite enterprising and self sufficient," said the chairman.

However, despite the existing potential for growth, infrastructure such as broadband is still vital to allowing businesses to expand, concluded Ms Lidbetter.

A £14.3 million plan to bring next-generation broadband to the area has already been agreed by the group.

Ms Lidbetter recently urged local businesses to get in touch with the organisation to offer their advice on the proposed infrastructure investments and explain their perspective on growth issues.