Slow rural broadband rollout defended by BT header image

Published: 9th Oct 2013

BT has defended its rural broadband scheme after delays in its rollout across the British countryside came in for criticism.

Bill Murphy, managing director of Next Generation Access at BT, explained the company's payback on rural broadband is 15 years, describing the process as not for the faint-hearted, BBC News reports.

The comments come in response to suggestions that some community schemes believe they can introduce networks to their areas at a faster and cheaper rate than BT.

Mr Murphy said he has been told time and time again that communities wish to build their own networks, but questioned their ability to do so because of their inexperience on such matters.

He stated: "If people want to go build, then go build but, as I tell them, broadband networks aren't just for Christmas."

Individuals living in rural parts of the UK looking for a speedier resolution to such problems can try satellite broadband from Avonline - a service that can be set up in just a few weeks.