Rural homes with slow internet 'becoming unsellable' header image

Published: 11th Oct 2013

Homes located in rural parts of the UK that do not have fast broadband speeds are becoming unsellable, it has been suggested.

Frank Speir, director at Prime Purchase, explained prospective homebuyers are being urged not to go for properties with slow broadband speeds - and many of these are located in the countryside, the Daily Telegraph reports.

Mr Speir noted many people are moving out of London at present and are keen to have the ability to either work from home or to run their own business from the premises - and both of these require a reliable connection.

He stated: "Slow broadband speeds are having a definite effect on the market. It's becoming a much bigger issue," adding homes are especially likely to have a poor connection if they are at the end of a telephone exchange. 

By opting for satellite broadband over other options, rural residents can therefore make sure their house remains sellable for many years to come.