Stocksbridge councillor calls for broadband report header image

Published: 26th Oct 2012

Liberal Democrat councillor Alison Brelsford has called on local residents to get in touch with their broadband complaints as part of a new report being launched into internet provision in the area.

She raised the issue of poor access at the last council meeting and expressed her pleasure that an official report into the problem is now being planned.

"Liberal Democrat councillors have led the charge over this issue and I hope that our hard work will now see direct improvement for residents across the north of Sheffield," Ms Brelsford told the Postcode Gazette.

However, she stressed the importance of people getting in touch in order to bolster the case for a boost to the area's broadband services.

One solution for people in rural areas looking for internet access could be to try Tooway 8 satellite broadband, which is well-suited to more isolated homes.

A recent report from Nottingham County Council indicated that children's education could be held back by a lack of broadband access.

Posted by Justin McKenzie