Parts of Berkshire to be 'left hanging' in broadband rollout header image

Published: 21st Oct 2013

Some areas of Berkshire appear unlikely to benefit from the rollout of super-fast broadband in the region. 

Six councils in the county have recently signed a contract with BT to improve connections, but parts of the Wargrave area may miss out, the Henley Standard reports. 

Some areas of the region will have to wait until 2015 for a better service, while others, such as Crazies Hill, could be omitted completely. 

Wargrave Parish Council chairman Richard Bush told the newspaper: "I think Wargrave village is going to be quite well served by 2014 but rural areas are going to be left hanging."

This situation could be a common one across the UK in the coming months, as the government's plan to roll out super-fast broadband has a 90 per cent coverage target. 

The remaining ten per cent will only be guaranteed basic connections of two Mbps and such people could benefit more by switching to satellite broadband.