Berkshire villages have broadband problems  header image

Published: 22nd Oct 2013

Residents of two Berkshire villages are unhappy with the quality of their broadband services. 

Some people living in Oakley Green and Filfield are having to cope with connection speeds of just 0.1 Mbps and have called on BT to improve the situation, the Maidenhead Advertiser reports. 

However, Rob Lord of the Oakley Green and Fifield Community Association's (OGFCA) communications work group told the newspaper the only way the organisation has been able to contact the company is by going through the office of Maidenhead MP and home secretary Theresa May.

Meanwhile, local resident James Brayshaw, who needs a good connection to be able to work from home, has claimed broadband in the area is 'non-existent'.

"The bottom line is it's been like that since broadband came into being in 2005. We've made requests to improve it but they've done nothing about it," he stated.

This is not the first concern raised about broadband in Berkshire, as earlier this week Wargrave Parish Council chairman Richard Bush told the Henley Standard rural parts of the county could be "left hanging" after being omitted from the Superfast Berkshire scheme, which aims to improve connections in 90 per cent of the region.

Such a situation is not unique, however, and many areas across the UK are suffering from similar problems. Another example is the town of Malvern in Worcestershire, where the rollout of fibre optic super-fast broadband has been delayed. 

Speaking to Worcestershire News, local resident Paul Mason said he is disappointed by the poor quality of connections in Malvern town centre. 

"There is still no sign of BT fibre in most of Malvern town centre … This absence is the last thing the town centre, with all its flats and properties, needs. You might have hoped for a policy that aimed to support town centres," he told the news provider. 

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