Londoners 'should use Skype to speak to lawyers' header image

Published: 23rd Oct 2013

Business in London that require legal advice should use Skype to contact lawyers from outside the capital. 

This is according to the new lord chief justice who claimed this will help firms cut costs by avoiding the high fees charged by legal professionals in the capital. 

In his first formal speech since taking up the post, Lord Thomas said London has "no monopoly on skill or experience" and companies could receive just as good a service from a law firm in Birmingham, Manchester or Leeds.

He stated: "In the age of the internet, of tele-conferences, Skype and FaceTime there is no reason why a litigant should not or could not properly instruct a lawyer from outside London."

Skype is a form of voice over internet protocol (VoIP) technology and is probably the most popular means of making phone calls over the internet.

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