Virgin Media broadband ads banned for using unlimited claim header image

Published: 30th Oct 2013

Two Virgin Media broadband adverts have been banned by the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA). 

It received complaints about the promotions from members of the public and other internet service providers due to use of the phrase "unlimited downloads" and claims of no caps on data usage.

This is despite Virgin's broadband services in question being subject to a traffic management policy, which slows down connection speeds for anyone who exceeds a set data allowance.

Virgin claimed this makes little difference to its users, as any person who went over the limit would see their speed reduced by 30 per cent for an hour, which is similar to the slowdown typically experienced by internet users at busy times. 

It also said details of the traffic management policy were fully explained in small print. 

However, the ASA ruled the adverts were misleading as a "provider-imposed limitation" was in place on the services and has told Virgin Media they must not appear in their current form again.

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