Conservative MEPs call for rural broadband boost header image

Published: 29th Oct 2012

A letter from 20 Conservative members of the European Parliament (MEPs) has urged new culture secretary Maria Miller not to waste any time in getting to grips with the broadband problems facing the UK.

According to the statement, the country is at risk of being left behind by its international counterparts if it fails to improve its provision of superfast internet access.

Examining solutions such as rural broadband has become crucial if rural parts of Britain are not to be left behind, creating a two-tier system of access.

James Elles, the conservative MEP for the south-east who first raised the issue of Britain's connectivity deficit in Brussels, said: "The expertise behind our report is impeccable. It shows that the UK response so far has been too cumbersome, too slow and too partial."

He added that the government must "think big and act fast" to cope with its broadband problems.

The coalition has already invested £830 million with the aim of ensuring the UK has Europe's best broadband infrastructure by 2015.

Posted by Mark Wynn