Ewhurst residents struggle with slow broadband header image

Published: 30th Oct 2012

Broadband campaigners in the Surrey town of Ewhurst have finally managed to get BT cabinets upgraded in the area, but are concerned this may not be enough to deal with the problem of poor ADSL connections in the area.

Two of three BT cabinets serving the village are now upgraded, but local campaigner Walter Willcox has expressed concern that this may not be the solution to the area's connection issues.

The fact that the download speed is considerably faster than the upload speed will make it difficult for businesses to use tools such as video-conferencing, he explained.

"Anyway the demand is going up through the roof with iPhones and iPads. The UK is getting seriously left behind. It's going down the wrong path with the wrong infrastructure," explained Mr Willcox.

Birmingham City Council recently warned that the broadband service provided by BT was insufficient for many areas of the city.

Posted by Mark Wynn