Graphic designer launches broadband campaign header image

Published: 24th Sep 2013

A graphic designer who is losing business as a result of a poor internet connection has launched a campaign to get the issue sorted.

Claire Steele told the North West Evening Mail that the problem has been going on since the beginning of July and makes it impossible for her to work from home.

She has started a petition and secured the signatures of 56 local residents who have also been affected by the poor broadband connection in the area.

Ms Steele - who designs and maintains websites for other people and businesses - said she is being forced to delay and in some cases cancel commissions because of the lack of internet access.

"I can’t run a business like this. I’m losing money and it’s just getting ridiculous. I spend more time getting the internet working than I do actually working," she explained.

Ms Steele has contacted her broadband provider to report the fault, but has been told the problem lies in the local exchange, which is managed by BT Openreach.

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