Northumberland broadband 'faces unique challenges' header image

Published: 30th Oct 2012

Rolling out superfast broadband across rural parts of Northumberland is made more difficult as a result of the county's unique geography, a local expert has suggested.

Chairman of the iNorthumberland Broadband Advisory Group Anne-Marie Trevelyan met with the new minister responsible for broadband, Maria Miller, at the Conservative Party Conference.

She explained that the mountainous and remote nature of many of the county's communities means they could require additional funding to boost broadband speeds, reports the Morperth Herald.

"I am encouraged that the Minister clearly understands that rural areas need superfast broadband to compete globally and create jobs locally," added Ms Trevelyan, noting that broadband is a crucial part of many people's lives in the modern world.

She urged residents to register their interest in her campaign in order to ensure the county receives sufficient funding.

One way Northumberland businesses could boost their access is by signing up for Tooway Broadband, which is especially designed for efficacy in isolated areas.