Ullesthorpe residents dress up for better broadband header image

Published: 1st Aug 2013

Rural communities across the UK are campaigning in a bid to convince local councils and the government to improve broadband services in their area. 

However, residents of a Leicestershire village have taken a novel approach to calling for better internet access.

The Harborough Mail reports people living in Ullesthorpe donned fancy dress costumes to stress the area's need for faster broadband. 

Residents dressed up as the various groups that rely on the web, such as school children, business people and tourists, to demonstrate why improved connectivity is so important to the area.

The stunt was arranged by local campaign organisation the Leire Exchange Broadband Action Group (LEBAG).

Maggie Pankhurst, who founded the LEBAG, told the newspaper: "Speeds are really slow, most people get nowhere near two Mbps. I personally get 0.5 Mbps and the lines fall out regularly."

She said people in the village are unable to use services such as BBC iPlayer and order things online from online stores like Amazon.

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Posted by Craig Roberts