Essex broadband bid 'needs support' header image

Published: 31st Oct 2012

The residents of Essex and Braintree need to express their desire for better internet connections if the poor ADSL problems facing the area are to be resolved, local community organisers have warned.

According to Braintree District Council (BDC) and Essex County Council, neighbouring Norfolk and Suffolk are both considerably further along the line with their own superfast broadband schemes.

Patricia Newton, cabinet member for planning and property at BDC, told the East Anglian Daily Times that many residents of Braintree are likely to be frustrated with the quality of broadband service they receive.

"We have bits and pieces over the county but it's very disjointed and that's the key thing they need to be leading on - linking it all up", added Iain Wicks, development manager for the Essex Federation of Small Businesses (FSB).

FSB figures earlier this year revealed that six in ten rural businesses are still struggling with the speed of their broadband.

Posted by Mark Wynn