Technology has made the living room a 'digital hub' header image

Published: 2nd Aug 2013

A combination of broadband and modern technology has seen the family living room become a "digital hub".

This is according to Ofcom's latest Communications Market Report, which found Britons are still coming together in their lounge, but their attention is divided across an increasing number of media platforms and devices. 

For example, it found a quarter of people now engage in 'media meshing', which sees them do something else at the same time as watching a programme on TV. 

These extra activities are related to the show they are viewing and can include texting, talking on the phone and using social media sites. 

The recent Wimbledon final was a prime example of this, with some 1.1 million individuals posting a tweet related to Andy Murray's victory during the match.  

Nearly half (49 per cent) of people said they often engage in 'media stacking', which means they use their smartphones and computers to carry out completely unrelated tasks while watching TV.

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Posted by Mark Wynn