Wi-Fi can reduce football's 'carbon bootprint' header image

Published: 9th Aug 2013

Using Wi-Fi to stream a game to a mobile device is the most energy-efficient method of watching football, according to new research.

A study by the Carbon Trust has revealed this is the ideal way for fans of the sport to reduce their 'carbon bootprint', as the level of emissions generated by viewing a game online can be up to eight times less than using a standard television. 

This could become an increasingly popular way of watching football, as 27 per cent of smartphone owners and 63 per cent of tablet users now stream live TV on their device. Furthermore, both Sky and BT will be offering apps that allow people to view football games on personal devices in preparation for the new Premier League season, which kicks off on August 17th.

However, these environmental benefits are only felt if the internet connection is through a Wi-Fi network. The Carbon Trust found streaming a match online using mobile data transmission creates a much higher level of emissions, which is roughly the equivalent of driving ten miles in a car. 

It is calling for football fans to take action to help to reduce the carbon bootprint of the sport and this campaign has received the backing of former England and Manchester United star Gary Neville. 

"When it comes to cutting your own carbon bootprint, it is all about understanding your impact and making sensible choices to reduce it," he stated.

Michael Rea, Carbon Trust chief operating officer, added: "Our work helping teams, broadcasters and the telecoms industry to continuously reduce their environmental impact will in turn help to reduce the impacts of fans when they are watching football."

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Posted by Mark Wynn