Businesses 'can build reputation online' header image

Published: 31st Oct 2012

Social media guru John Popham has urged Lincolnshire businesses to utilise the internet to help boost their potential, suggesting that those who suffer from poor ADSL connections are missing out.

Speaking to the Louth Leader, he noted that the internet is becoming an increasingly important part of personal lives and business models.

"If your customers are online - and most of them will be - but you are not, you’re passing over the opportunity to reach out and connect with them," explained Mr Popham.

Social media outlets such as Facebook and Twitter give businesses the ability to connect with and gain the trust of prospective consumers, making it easy for them to improve their reputation and broaden their customer base, he added.

ICT solutions firm Huawei recently suggested that reliable superfast broadband is vital to the UK's long term competitiveness in the global business world, especially in rural areas of the country.

Posted by Mark Wynn