Most people 'only keep fixed phone line for broadband' header image

Published: 13th Aug 2013

The majority of Britons only maintain a fixed phone line because they need it for their broadband connection. 

This is according to a new poll carried out by ISPreview, which found close to two-thirds (64.3 per cent) of respondents would not want their home phone line if it was not required for them to go online. 

A fifth of people said they would still need a fixed line regardless of broadband, while the remaining 14.7 per cent were unsure. 

ISPreview's survey highlighted the growing influence of mobile technology, with 62.3 per cent of respondents saying they make the majority of their calls on a mobile phone. Less than a third (29.8 per cent) do so using a fixed line phone. 

Cost was identified as the main drawback of having a home phone, with 73.9 per cent of people highlighting this as an issue. Some 64.1 per cent of respondents claimed they try to save money by paying for their line rental 12 months in advance. 

The results of this survey suggest a significant number of people are paying for phone lines they do not necessarily want or need just to receive internet access. However, this need not be the case, as satellite broadband can provide a fast and reliable connection with no need for a phone line whatsoever. 

This can be especially useful in rural areas, where residents often pay a lot for their phone line only to receive slow and poor quality internet access.

Furthermore, having a good broadband service allows individuals to use voice over IP (voIP) services such as Skype to make phone calls. 

ISPreview's study found 6.6 per cent of people now use this as their primary means of speaking to others and this trend is likely to grow in the future.

Indeed, a recent study by Infonetics Research found the number of global voIP users has grown by 550 per cent over the last year.

Posted by Mark Wynn