Broadband 'could boost Yorkshire salaries' header image

Published: 1st Aug 2011

Individuals in Yorkshire with a poor ADSL connection may have the opportunity to earn a higher wage through the introduction of better broadband, it has been reported.

According to the Yorkshire Post, planners think the provision of next-generation internet could bring highly-skilled and well-paid jobs to the local area.

In particular, places such as Richmondshire could benefit as they traditionally experience low salaries.

North Yorkshire County Council has already received £16 million of funding from the government for the provision of high-speed broadband and now other parts of the county are bidding for similar grants.

Councillor John Blackie, leader of Richmondshire District Council, said next-generation internet goes hand-in-hand with a Yorkshire Dales lifestyle.

"Coupled together, I believe they can attract some of these footloose and fancy-free IT entrepreneurs to come and set up their businesses in our local area," he added.

This comes after the Country Land & Business Association claimed last month that a lack of broadband is preventing people in rural areas from accessing social media.